Turkey… Since the dawn of history, has been home to thousands of civilizations and is one of the earliest inhabited geographies in the history of world civilization. Having served mankind throughout history, this fertile, generous land with its favorable climate is currently redefining the world’s palate and conception of taste through modern agricultural technologies and investments.

Turkey produces and processes all types of agricultural products ranging from pasta to bulgur, pulses and vegetable oils at world standards utilizing the highest quality, state-of-the-art technologies. Turkey is competing with the world’s largest exporters with its modern factories equipped with cutting edge technologies established throughout the country. Turkey offers higher quality products to important markets in the world at a relatively lower cost.

The MBTG, which has been established to promote agricultural products produced in Turkey is pleased to offer you the quality, taste and health of Turkish products.

Discover the tastes of the Turkish land! Generous land that connects continents!

Turkey is regarded as being one of the most important trade centers in the world due to its geopolitical position which is the closest common location between the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa. Connecting the continents of Europe and Asia with Istanbul’s Bosphorus Straight, Turkey allows thousands of companies across the world a means of delivering their products using the shortest possible route. Turkey offers great advantages by providing transportation routes to Russia through the Black Sea, to Europe through the Aegean Sea and to the rest of the world through Mediterranean sea. Costs such as distribution and transportation are minimized by the opportunity for faster logistics through the transformation of the Mediterranean region into a trade zone with its ports along the Mediterranean coastline.

Generous land where seasons meet! The fact that Turkey is surrounded by seas in three sides, coupled with the diversity of the country’s landforms makes it possible for various different types of climates to occur. While Mediterranean and Black Sea climates are found the coastal regions of Turkey, the effects of continental climate are more evident as you travel inland and eastward. Due to its climatic advantages, Turkey has the potential of being able to produce and market numerous agricultural products at certain standards throughout the year. This potential, stemming mostly from geographical advantages places Turkey among the ranks of the world’s largest producers in the area of agriculture and related industrial branches. Countless agricultural products demanded throughout the world are produced in Turkey in a cost effective manner due to the country’s climatic and geographical advantages.

Generous lands; the source of a strong economy! In recent years, Turkey has attained some of the fastest economic growth rates in the world and has become an important center for investment due to its geopolitical location, fertile land and young, dynamic population. Turkey is rapidly on its way to becoming one of the strongest economies in the world in upcoming years by continually increasing its production capacity through its factories, technological investments, its workforce and government grants. Turkey, having become the world’s second fastest growing economy in 2011 by attaining a growth rate of 8.5% aims to increase this number through making higher amounts of investments each year. Turkey aims to become ranked among the top 10 economies in the world by the year 2013 and undertakes its planning activities and realizes its objectives in sequence with this aim in mind.

Turkey’s developing economy and increasing goals naturally include agriculture and agriculture related industrial branches. Turkey, which aims to become one of the top 5 countries in the world in terms of agricultural production by the year 2023, intends to achieve a GDP of 150 billion USD from agricultural activities. Turkey aims to increase its irrigable land which is currently 4.4 million hectares to 8.5 million hectares by the year 2023 and also aims to increase its agricultural export to a value of 40 billion USD by the same date. Large-scale irrigation projects, infrastructure development works, achieving sustainability of government investments through supporting small agricultural estates, increasing production efficiency due to the evolution of automation technologies constitute the infrastructure for realizing these large goals.

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